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  New from Osaka-Sunset: JADE ARTEFACT
15 fine world tracks - the music styles vary from new age to jazz and soundtrack with a focus on Asian sounds and vibes. The tracks are predominantly relaxing and meditative.
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Sunset in July

18 world tracks. A wide variation of music styles from new age to nu jazz and classical music in a harmonic fusion.
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(external. link) iTunes, AMAZON mp3.

18 fantastic world tracks. The music styles vary from traditional Asian to jazz and funk.
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Your journey to exotic countries at the time of shoguns and samurais.
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Different music styles, sounds and rhythms around the world in an unique dialog.
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 An EP with 5 cool world tracks.
Asian and Oriental world music in a fascinating symbiosis with modern rhythms and urban beatz.
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Licences for commercial purposes: You can get licences for commercial purposes (homepage, internet, commercials, tv, movie, trailer, radio,...)  at (external link), or ask me.
My music is roalty free - gemafrei!
Soundtrack-like world music with Japanese/Chinese, Oriental or Celtic elements
for relaxation, meditation, chillout, spa, and much

Lizenzen für kommerzielle Zwecke: (Webauftritt, Internet, Homepage, Rundfunk, TV, Film, Werbung, etc...) gibt es direkt über (externer Link) , oder auf Anfrage bei mir.
Meine Musik ist gemafrei - roalty free!
Relaxte soundtrackartige Weltmusik / World Fusion, mit teils asiatischen (Japan / China), celtischen oder orientalischen Elementen für Entspannung, Wellness, Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Reisen, und vieles mehr...
Osaka-Sunset gibt es in Deutschland als Download bei, iTunes, Musikload, Mediamarkt, Saturn, Medion, Spotify, u.a.

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